A Safety kit refers to a collection of items that are meant to be used to provide essential protection in emergencies. A car winter safety kit would be an example of such a kit, as it would contain items needed if a snow or ice storm should occur.

What to carry in a safety kit;

1. Snow shovel and broom

They will help you remove snow from the car tires, and to clear the windshield. Carry a broom that is at least stem to stern a foot tall. Have this as your go-to tool for snow removal, as a shovel will take up unnecessary room in your trunk or hatchback. When it comes to clearing the windshield, unless you live in an area with just a few inches of snow on the ground, you will be needing the broom more than the shovel.

2. Sand or kitty litter

The next item that you should carry is either sand or kitty litter. They will help in establishing traction if your vehicle happens to get stuck on ice or snow. If you are in a snowstorm and need to drive anywhere, having sand, kitty litter or something similar can be the difference between making it home safe and making it home not-so-safe.

3. Flashlight and batteries

If you are stranded in your car at night or during a storm, it is best to have a car winter safety kit in your vehicle. Carrying a flashlight that is at least 4 inches long is ideal. Carrying extra batteries for the flashlight as well would be beneficial. If you have any type of cell phone, it is important to have the extra batteries for that as well.

4. Jumper cables and a red flag

If you are stranded in your car, it is best to be prepared with jumper cables. The total length of the cables should be at least 16 feet. The red flag is helpful because it will alert any passing vehicles that your vehicle needs help.

Winter seasons are usually the most unpleasant times of the year, especially in areas that are prone to snow and ice. A car winter safety kit would be of great help to any driver who is stranded in their car due to a storm or other disaster.