Snow and ice can be treacherous. When driving a car, your wheels constantly touch the road, allowing for maximum traction and easy movement. However, when you’re driving a car on snow or ice, the road is much more slippery. If you go too fast, your wheels can slip out from underneath you, and you could end up in a heap of trouble. You should always drive your car on snow or ice with snow chains. They help reduce the amount of traction your wheels have and keep you from spinning out of control. They’re also a must-have when driving in remote areas or on unpaved roads. That’s why this guide will tell you everything you need to know about the best snow chains and how to choose the right kind for your vehicle.

Snow chains, or tire chains, are a type of traction device that attaches to your tires. They work by latching on to the grooves on your tires, which provides extra grip on slippery surfaces. The more tracks you have in your tires, the more grip you’ll have on ice and snow. Snow chains can be used in nearly all kinds of weather conditions and will usually stay attached to your tires during the summer months when they’re not needed. Most people who live in areas prone to heavy snow typically carry a set of them with them to be used when needed. Snow chains can weigh anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds per tire and are typically made of steel or rubber. You can find snow chains at most auto parts stores and big box stores like Walmart or Target. If you do need a new set because yours have become too worn out or damaged due to use, don’t worry because they aren’t too expensive, and they should last you for a few years if properly taken care of.