The electric cars

These are the latest trend that you cannot ignore if you are looking to buy a new car. Electric cars are environment-friendly and there is no emission of carbon dioxide. These are powered by a large battery that can be charged at home. You can drive more than 200 km on a single charge. There is no noise pollution as well. The cost of running an electric car is very less as compared to a petrol car.

Where to buy these cars?

There are many manufacturers who are now manufacturing electric cars. You can visit a car showroom and discuss with the salesperson about the electric cars.

What are the factors to be considered while buying an electric car?

You must look at the range of the car. If you are buying it for daily usage, then you must go for a car that can give you a range of at least 200 km.

You must check the charging time.

You must check the maintenance cost of the car.

You must check the speed of the car.

If you are buying the car for your personal usage, then you can go for a smaller car. But if you are buying it for commercial purposes, then you must buy a sedan or a hatchback.

What are the advantages of an electric car like Audi Q4 Sportback e-Tron?

There is no emission of carbon dioxide as there is no combustion involved in running an electric car.

The running cost is less as compared to petrol cars.

These cars have silent engines and there is no noise pollution caused by these cars. The ride quality of these cars is very good and they do not vibrate much while driving them at high speeds. These are easy to drive and they have great pickup as well.